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The Demon's Curse
Book One of
The Yeluthian Duology

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My Story

In February of 2018, my husband Darren and I lived in Illinois. I had just completed my graduate degree and my husband would finish his in December. Nobody likes job hunting, but I began the process while working two odd end jobs. Still, I believed there was more I could be using  my time for in between daily tasks. One evening, as Darren and I chatted with our good friend Aaron, he referenced something he saw online. I don't remember the full quote, but it went along the lines of, "The two ways to improve your mind are to write and to read." I had been reading regularly every day and spent some time considering writing. Finally, I asked myself what was holding me back. "It's only for fun, and I don't have to publish it."

Thus began the hobby I hope to continue. The Dark Angel series is one that is close to my heart because it is a story formed over the years from as early as 2012 and will most likely conclude within the next couple of years. It is a blessing that has helped me embrace my creativity and one that I personally love because it's meant to entertain above all else.


With that being said, I hope my story is as enjoyable to you as it is to me!

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My Books

*signed copies only available in the United States*

Book One Front Cover.jpg

The Shadow's Grasp: Book One of The Dark Angel series

Demons and their illegal magic are dangerous. Even as a child, Coura was aware of these facts. That didn’t stop her from striking up a deal with one.

Years later, as a gifted dark mage and trained combatant, she believes fate will lead her to serve in the kingdom’s army. A visit to the capital city alongside her mentor, Byron, exposes her to the world outside of their academy where she befriends an herbalist, an assistant general, and even the crowned prince. However, the journey home tests her physical and mental fortitude when the group is attacked by angels, the so-called protectors of humanity.

Coura finds words won’t save them as the secret locked away within herself is forced to the forefront. Can her supposedly evil power stand up to that of legend? Will she be prepared for the repercussions of her past decision, or is she destined to be swept away by the consequences?

Book Three Front Cover.jpg

The Puppet's Blight: Book Three of The Dark Angel series

Time will continue to move forward and bring changes to the kingdom. Whether it is beneficial or not has yet to be seen.


After a fight against the rogue angels severs her connection to the demon Soirée, Coura Galdwin wakes to find herself unable to wield magic. Events continue to worsen when she learns of a traitor committing murders in the palace, though her companions’ faith wavers when she reveals her past. Through the recovery and return to the capital city, Coura prepares to move on until an opportunity arises to reunite with her lost power. If she accepts, she must travel across Asteom to rescue those in danger from misshapen creatures, yet the cost for such heroics is unknown.


Can Coura convince her friends she is trustworthy despite her past? Will they be able to uncover the traitor manipulating those in the palace? What will happen to her when she seeks out the unnatural demonic energy?

Book Two Front Cover.jpg

The Guardian's Deception: Book Two of The Dark Angel series

Demonic possession isn’t tolerated. That is, unless it benefits those already in power.

Coura struggled to decide on her future until an encounter with a pair of angels awoke the magic slumbering inside her. The demon, Soirée, helped her defeat the threat and protect her friends. However, using forbidden magic drew the attention of Asteom’s king.

In order to prove her sanity while learning how to wield this new energy, she must serve him and his council. Underneath the personal struggles lie questions about the beings sent to kill her mentor, Byron.


Why would angels attack the humans they swore to protect? Who could be controlling them and trying to sabotage the kingdom’s attempts for peace? And worst of all, should Coura listen to the demon and continue delving into its malicious power?

The Angel's Descent front cover.jpg

The Angel's Descent: 

Book Four of The Dark Angel series

A kingdom in danger, the angels’ return, and one demon’s ploy align to determine humanity’s fate.

The man responsible for manipulating those within the palace labelled Coura a traitor, and the startling reveal of her lineage leaves her struggling to understand more than just the demon Soirée’s power. Meanwhile, her mentor, friends, and comrades are left at the mercy of the creature and must concoct a scheme to defeat the threat to their freedom.


In the face of such despair, hope arises. The potential discovery of the angels’ sanctuary could reestablish an old alliance while the southern city of Dala offers their aid. As uncertain as the future seems, Coura vows to end the demon, no matter how deep their bond proves to be.

Can she locate the hidden race of winged humans and convince them to aid her people? What is the punishment for failing to stop the real traitor controlling the country? How far must they go in order to achieve peace?

Book 5 front cover PNG.png

The Demon's Curse:

Book One of 

The Yeluthian Duology

Two years have passed since the demon disappeared from Asteom, but the effects of its meddling still linger. Nightmares are only the beginning as a slumbering power resurfaces while other enemies arise in the shadows to take advantage of the hard-earned peace.

Coura never expected her life to get any easier after recovering from her battle with Soirée. Despite the recovery in Asteom, a reforged alliance with the Yeluthians, and being reunited with her family, she struggles to keep up with the loss of her dark magic and the expectations placed upon her. The situation worsens with the arrival of a new enemy, one who recognizes her for her dark magic.

Meanwhile, her friends explore their own futures while facing the same struggles until an unprompted attack from the northern country leaves everyone shaken. The threats multiply over the months from all directions, separating soldiers and mages in order to counter the danger.

Is a war between nations, one seemingly orchestrated by a mysterious, Nim-Valan lord, eminent? How far will Coura go to learn the truth about what wielding demonic energy did to her center of power? If she does become involved in the turmoil, what sort of fate awaits her?

My Books
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What Readers Are Saying

Book One: The Shadow's Grasp


"I love Coura, even as she got on my nerves. The world-building is fantastic! The twist at the end blew my mind, and I can't wait to continue the series."        

-Katie, Goodreads

Concept Art
Marble Surface
Concept  Art

Art for "The Shadow's Grasp" by Isaiah from Real Boy Illustrations

Art for "The Guardian's Deception" by Devin Maupin

Character designs (from left to right)

Marcus, Coura, Grace, Will, & Byron

The Guardian's Deception cover sketch

Concept Art Anchor

Grace, Marcus, and Coura in Verona

Coura fighting off demonic creatures


Character designs for Byron and Coura


Coura and Will meet the Mintelians


The Shadow's Grasp cover sketch


Coura using her dark magic to cast a fire spell


Coura and Soirée's first interaction



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