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The Dark Angel Series

The life of a mage trainee at the Magical Arts Academy usually elicits excitement over learning to control dark or light energy and wielding various spells; however, for Coura Galdwin, being the most powerful student at the academy turns out to be rather boring. With her mentor, the admired Master Byron Rinod, disappearing for business in the capital city, she struggles to fit in without causing trouble until she is offered an opportunity to join him on his next assignment. Together, Coura and Byron explore what the lavish palace has to offer, pick up a couple companions along the way, and confront a new enemy: angels unseen by their country for decades.


These new creatures of legend prove worthy opponents…worthy enough to awaken the demon named Soirée slumbering within Coura’s body. There’s only one problem: Demons and their unnatural magic are considered taboo, leading everyone except her mentor to view her as a threat. What was once a future full of uncertainty becomes limited to the king’s perception of her as a weapon. Coura must work with the mischievous creature in order to wield its power, prover her sanity to her new friends and the kingdom, and fight against the ongoing pursuit of the angelic race.

The Shadow's Grasp Front Cover
TAD Front Cover.png
The Puppet's Blight Front Cover PNG.png
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