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The Demon's Curse Front Cover

Coura never expected her life to get any easier after recovering from her battle with Soirée. Despite the recovery in Asteom, a reforged alliance with the Yeluthians, and being reunited with her family, she struggles to keep up with the loss of her dark magic and the expectations placed upon her. The situation worsens with the arrival of a new enemy, one who recognizes her for her dark magic.

Meanwhile, her friends explore their own futures while facing the same struggles until an unprompted attack from the northern country leaves everyone shaken. The threats multiply over the months from all directions, separating soldiers and mages in order to counter the danger.

Is a war between nations, one seemingly orchestrated by a mysterious, Nim-Valan lord, eminent? How far will Coura go to learn the truth about what wielding demonic energy did to her center of power? If she does become involved in the turmoil, what sort of fate awaits her?

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