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The Angel's Descent Front Cover

A kingdom in danger, the angels’ return, and one demon’s ploy align to determine humanity’s fate.

The man responsible for manipulating those within the palace labeled Coura a traitor, and the startling reveal of her lineage leaves her struggling to understand more than just the demon Soirée’s power. Meanwhile, her mentor, friends, and comrades are left at the mercy of the creature and must concoct a scheme to defeat the threat to their freedom.


In the face of such despair, hope arises. The potential discovery of the angels’ sanctuary could reestablish an old alliance while the southern city of Dala offers their aid. As uncertain as the future seems, Coura vows to end the demon, no matter how deep their bond proves to be.

Can she locate the hidden race of winged humans and convince them to aid her people? What is the punishment for failing to stop the real traitor controlling the country? How far must they go in order to achieve peace?

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