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Join Coura and her friends in their quest for peace that will push the boundaries of sacrifice and determination.

She is branded an enemy by the kingdom, yet she must confront her mysterious heritage in order to combat the looming darkness. Meanwhile, her allies scheme to thwart the traitor's hold with the aid of the southern base. In the heart of their uncertainty, a glimmer of hope emerges – the fabled angels' sanctuary.

Determined to end the demon's reign, Coura embarks on a perilous quest to rally the elusive, winged beings. But as secrets emerge and loyalties are tested, the price of failure looms large. Can she convince the hidden race to aid her people? How far must she go in order to achieve the freedom of her home, and what future awaits if she succeeds in vanquishing the demon?


The Angel's Descent continues the ultimate quest for courage and self-acceptance amid a land on the brink of war.

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