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The Puppet's Blight Front Cover

Time will continue to move forward and bring changes to the kingdom. Whether it is beneficial or not has yet to be seen.


After a fight against the rogue angels severs her connection to the demon Soirée, Coura Galdwin wakes to find herself unable to wield magic. Events continue to worsen when she learns of a traitor committing murders in the palace, though her companions’ faith wavers when she reveals her past. Through the recovery and return to the capital city, Coura prepares to move on until an opportunity arises to reunite with her lost power. If she accepts, she must travel across Asteom to rescue those in danger from misshapen creatures, yet the cost for such heroics is unknown.


Can Coura convince her friends she is trustworthy despite her past? Will they be able to uncover the traitor manipulating those in the palace? What will happen to her when she seeks out the unnatural demonic energy?

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