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The Puppet's Blight Front Cover PNG.png

Caught between forbidden power and looming dangers, Coura must navigate a treacherous path in a kingdom plagued by betrayal. Secrets begin to unravel, past mistakes surface, and she must confront her inner demon—literally.


When twisted creatures threaten innocent lives, a chance to regain her abilities emerges, setting Coura on a life-changing journey across Asteom. But with demonic energy at her fingertips, the price of redemption remains shrouded in mystery. Can she prove her loyalty in the face of doubt? Will the traitor's web of deceit be unraveled before it's too late, or will the cost of her heroics be too high?


Coura's quest for answers will test her limits and challenge her beliefs. Dark forces loom on the horizon, promising a gripping adventure about fate and tragedy, but will she emerge victorious or succumb to the darkness that beckons?


The Puppet's Blight is an engaging tale of sacrifice in a world where every choice carries a weighty consequence.

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