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The Shadow's Grasp Front Cover

Demons and their illegal magic are dangerous. Even as a child, Coura was aware of these facts. That didn’t stop her from striking up a deal with one.


Years later, as a gifted dark mage and trained combatant, she believes fate will lead her to serve the kingdom until an encounter with a pair of angels awakens the demon slumbering within her body. Although she manages to defeat the threats, her forbidden power draws unwanted attention and spurs repressed memories from her past. The threats grow stronger every day while the potential for disaster hinders on her ability to prove her sanity and control the enticing energy. 


Why would angels attack the people they swore to protect? Will Coura be prepared for the repercussions of her past decision, or is she destined to be swept away by the consequences? Worst of all, should she listen to the demon and continue delving into its malicious power?

The Shadow's Grasp is the first book of The Dark Angel series, a young-adult, epic fantasy story.

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