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The Shadow's Grasp Front Cover

Demons and their illegal magic are dangerous. Even as a child, Coura was aware of these facts. That didn’t stop her from striking up a deal with one.

Years later, as a gifted dark mage and trained combatant, she believes fate will lead her to serve in the kingdom’s army. A visit to the capital city alongside her mentor, Byron, exposes her to the world outside of their academy where she befriends an herbalist, an assistant general, and even the crowned prince. However, the journey home tests her physical and mental fortitude when the group is attacked by angels, the so-called protectors of humanity.

Coura finds words won’t save them as the secret locked away within herself is forced to the forefront. Can her supposedly evil power stand up to that of legend? Will she be prepared for the repercussions of her past decision, or is she destined to be swept away by the consequences?

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